Block Print Formal Dresses 2012 | Block Print Salwar Kameez

 Block Printed Long Frocks Designs
Block Printing is very old technique it made Through Wood blocks for Printing images or text on fabric in East Asia and Originating in china.Japanese known as expert of Block print art.European use this technique on paper.In India This technique is very famous on textile and people commonly use for garments and their is large industry since at the last of 10th century.Indian Industry is very popular for export Silk and cotton Block Printed Cloth.For this Technique Wood Blocks,Ink are basic demands.Wood Block carries the design with the help of Ink. In early age People work hard to deign Blocks but now these wood block available in market Just buy a block design which you like most and buy ink and start printing you dress.So today Fashionemag decided to share some design to give you inspiration of block printing .Hops our Beloved visitors like these Dresses.

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