Alkaram Faiza Samee Lawn Collection 2012-2013

Al-karam Textile Mills Pvt Limited Established in 1986 as a vertically integrated composite Clothing and textile Mill.Al-karam is a household name when it comes to Fashion Fabrics.Faiza Samee, the award winning design house from Pakistan with an unparalleled expertise in some of the rarest and most intricate embroideries in the world. Faiza Samee attempted to curate heirlooms- only to discover, much to my dismay, that many of the stitches, methods and even raw materials had already been lost, And so began the journey that has made al-karam one of the foremost centers of expertise for intricate hand embroidery anywhere in the fabrics and apparel to kids- wear, home textiles, to home-ware needs, Al-karam Studio is a complete creative concept where customers can realize their dreams and aspirations. Al-karam Studio is a perfect haven for aesthetically-inclined women. You can get close to the originality of the style with fashion fabrics, ready-to-wear lines and stunning accessories.

Article and Content Source are Alkaram Studio / Faiza Samee

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